Basics of jQuery

Posted: July 8, 2011 in jQuery

I took session on jQuery. It was nice experience to talk in front of my colleagues. First time I took session where some of my colleagues joined on phone also with live meeting request. Overall the session was good and learning. If you get chance to check out these videos:



then please give me your feedbacks.

I have covered:

1) Basic Actions of jQuery

2) Traversals

3) Manipulations

4) Attributes & Css

5) Animations

6) Ajax

7) Stack

8- Plugin

9) Advance jQuery

I have uploaded the jQuery lab source code in this link jQuery lab and explainations

  1. Amit says:


    It is a very nice video of jQuery but in videos i am not able to see code example because it is not appearing clear in video.So can you please send me the code example at so that i can learn better.


  2. Rupesh says:

    Thanks Amit for your comments. I will definitely email you.

  3. sudhanshu says:

    No download file was specified.

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